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Streets/Parks Department

Streets & Parks Crew
JR Nield-Public Works Director
Stetson Humbert
Hayden Hillyard

Right-of-Way Excavation Permit

Public Works Standard Specifications and Drawings

The Public Works Department is responsible for the following:
  • Street Maintenance
  • Snow Removal
  • Park Maintenance
  • Building Maintenance
Right-of-Way Excavation Permit
Excavation Permits are needed for any excavation in the Town's Right-of-Way (ROV), which encompasses all areas within the municipality of Afton controlled by the Town. No person may excavate any ROW without first obtaining a valid Town of Afton ROW Excavation Permit.

Snow Removal Policy/Plan
Winter storms are wearisome on all residents, business owners, motorists and snow plow
drivers. The purpose of the Town of Afton’s Snow Removal Strategy is to define levels of service for
snow management and to help define and educate the residents of the strategy’s related to snow
removal within the Town of Afton. The Public Works Department attempts to move the snow and ice
from the roadways and Town owned properties as safely and efficiently as possible. Keeping the roads
safe requires a good plan for the removal and storage of snow.

Snow Removal
Town streets are assigned priority levels for snow removal routes. Priority is assigned based on which
roads are traveled first and by the most motorists. Following the prescribed routes is crucial to the
safety and efficiency of snow removal and storage on the Town of Afton’s streets. Using the previously
mentioned factors the Town of Afton’s snow removal happens in the following priority routes:

Priority 1 – Highway 89 from North at Twin Spruce Drive to South at Kodiak Mountain Resort.
The 400 block main street sidewalks must be plowed prior to HWY 89 to insure proper storage of snow on the median.
Priority 2-Hospital routes and school routes
Priority 3-Subdivisions, cul-de-sacs & side roads.
Priority 4-Parking Lots
Priority 5- Intersection Berms

     The HWY 89 Berms have to be done when streets are finished before other berms.
Priority 6-Driveway Access Program for the Elderly.

Road Salting and Sanding
Road salting and sanding is done to provide added safety during winter months. Salt/Sanding is completed after streets and avenues have been plowed. Like snow removal, salt/sanding is also done on a priority basis. The Town of Afton salt/sanding happens in the following priority routes:

Priority 1 - HWY 89 Intersection
Priority 2 - Hospital Lane and School Routes
Priority 3 - Streets and Avenues
Priority 4 - Subdivision, Cul-de-sacs and side roads
Priority 5 - Parking and walking areas

Snow Storage Maintenance
Snow maintenance typically occurs on non-snow days but is not limited to those days. Snow storage maintenance consists of moving back berms and banks, removing and hauling off excess snow, grading roads to prevent ice buildup. Snow storage maintenance is also completed by priority as follows:

Priority 1 - HWY 89 Intersections
Priority 2 - Safe School Routes (sidewalks)
Priority 3 - Fire Hydrants
Priority 4 - Cutting Ice buildup at intersections
Priority 5 - Grading Streets and Avenues, most traveled first to least traveled.
Priority 6 - Grading Subdivisions and Side roads

Town of Afton Snow Removal Priority Map
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