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Public Advisory Boards

Town of Afton Volunteer Boards & Committees

Boards and Committees fulfill an important role in Town government by evaluating issues which affect our community and making recommendations to the Town Council for needed action. Although most Boards/Committees are advisory in nature, a few are decision-making entities. The value of these bodies is a direct reflection of the interest and dedication of our citizens in making Afton a better place to live, and we encourage you to apply for appointment to any Board/Committee in which you may be interested. Please contact the Town Clerk directly should you have any interest.

Utility Board - advises the Town of Afton concerning the management, operation, and maintenance of the town's water system and sewer system as well as formulates rules and regulations relating to these utility systems. 
  • Dirk Hillyard - Town Councilmember
  • Josh Peavler - Advisor
  • Rod Jensen-Chairman
  • Josh Winder
  • Mason Hillstead
  • Cody Wilkes
  • Blake Nield
Airport Board - a Joint Powers Board between the Town of Afton and Lincoln     County that goes over the budget, policy and procedure, general operation, and overall management of the Afton Airport. 
  • Abby Humes - Town Councilmember
  • Rick Session - Manager
  • Dustin Haderlie (Town)
  • Rod Jensen (Town)
  • Francis Brown (Town)
  • Jerry Harmon (County)
  • Ryan Lyman (County)
  • Hal Titensor (County)
Public Health Board - inquires into and examines all possible sources of filth and disease deemed dangerous to the public health.
  • Jeff Jensen - Mayor
Tourism Promotion - brings business to the Town of Afton through advertisement. Also oversees events such as the Freedom Festival and Parade of Lights. 
  • Abby Humes - Councilman
  • Violet Sanderson - Admin
  • Camie Hale- Director
  • Don McGee-Chairman
  • Brandon Taylor
  • Patricia Hudson
  • Vacant

Heritage Committee Board - sorts through applications and chooses members yearly to induct into the Town of Afton Hall of Fame. 
  • Jeff Jensen - Councilman
  • Pat Davis-Chairman
  • Radawn Ruud
  • Don Capps
Planning & Zoning Board - advises in urban planning, land use studies, urban renewal plans, technical services, economic improvement, and any and all other types of planning studies requested by the Town Council.
  • Michael Butler - Town Councilmember
  • Violet Sanderson - Admin
  • Justin Day - Chairman
  • Lee Schwab
  • Justin Hurst
  • Mike Hunsaker
  • Blake Nield
Golf Board - discusses rates, new buildings, and other miscellaneous concerns related to the Star Valley Golf Course. 
  • Will Wilkes - Councilmember
  • Bryce Burton - Advisor
  • Kelly Fullmer
  • Dustin Hill 
  • Kendall Erickson
  • Homer Bennett
  • Charlie Thielepe
Swift Creek Hydro Power Board - a Joint Powers Board between the Town of Afton and Lower Valley Energy that discusses matters pertaining to the Swift Creek Power Plant. 
  • Jeff Jensen - Mayor
  • Violet Sanderson - Admin

Afton Fire Department
  • Rodd Hillyard - Admin Chief
  • Cody Wilkes - Chief
  • Logan Wilkes - Ast. Chief
  • Brock Brown - Sec